Sleek, durable, curved countertops!

Instead of going all out on granite or marble countertops, look into solid surfacing. The design possibilities are infin8 – we can easily create thermoformed, seamless long counters that look like one piece and go on forever.
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Features & Benefits

Highly stain and scratch resistant
Feature: Non-porous material Benefit: Dirt and stains can’t penetrate it and scratches can be easily removed. All we do is re-polish your counter with a sander, which wouldn’t be possible with other surfaces like granite or marble countertops. Tip: To avoid scratches, we recommend using a cutting board on your countertop.  
Resistant to high temperatures
Feature: Burns and marks like cigarette burns or marks left by boiling hot pans can be removed. Benefit: We easily repair burns and marks with an inlay, unlike granite or marble countertops where you have to replace the whole top. Tip: We recommend placing stainless steel pot rods next to your ‘hot zone’. Corian countertop pot rods  
Consistent and hard-wearing
Feature: Colours and patterns run all the way through a solid surface and can’t wear off. Benefit: This means that colours won’t fade. Feature: Solid Surfaces don’t delaminate. Benefit: Your countertop will never peel or rot from excess water penetrating it – it’s seamless!  
Hygienic and Safe
Feature: It’s non-toxic and hygienic Benefit: Mould and bacteria have nowhere to grow. Its smooth surface does not allow liquids to penetrate, making it easy to clean. It can be used for sensitive applications such as wall and work counter surfaces in hospitals.    
Feature: Thermo-forming Benefit: You can shape it into infin8 designs!    
Environmentally friendly
Feature: Damages can be usually repaired Benefit: Because it is renewable and durable, it’s eco-friendly    
It’s hygienic! Due to its non-porous surface, mould and bacteria have nowhere to hide on a solid surface.
Great for worktops! Dirt and stains can’t penetrate so your surfaces stay cleaner and brighter for longer.
It’s hard-wearing! Solid surface colours run all the way through the material so they don’t wear off.
It’s seamless! With a solid surface, there are no unsightly joins.
It’s versatile! Solid surfacing worktops can be shaped into virtually any design (like ice-cream dripping) using thermoforming technology.
It’s durable! You can wipe away burns and marks with just a damp cloth and some ordinary household cleaner.
  It’s translucent! You can choose a solid surface colour that is more translucent than the standard colours. It can be bent, formed and backlit - like this illuminated sink!

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